TABIP Science Summer School “Took Off” in Nevşehir

TABIP Science Summer School which continues under Academic and Scientific Cooperation Project of Turkey (TABIP) conducted by Yunus Emre Institute under the auspices of Presidency of Republic of Turkey with the participation of 15 students from 9 countries on “aviation and space technologies” visited Ürgüp in the third stage of Turkey Drone Championship held by T3 Foundation on its sixth and seventh day.

The team talked about the championship and ongoing TABIP Science Summer School with Ömer Kökçam, General Directorate of T3 Foundation and Ahmet Çağrı Özer, the head of Turkey Air Sports Federation, and held a consultation on potential collaborations among TABIP, T3 Foundation, and Turkey Air Sports Federation.

TABIP Summer Science School that was mentioned as honor guest in the award ceremony also had the chance to see the wonders of the world such as Güvercinlik Vadisi (Pigeon Valley), Üç Güzeller (Three Beauties), Aşıklar Vadisi (Love Valley), Paşabağ, Avanos which are among our country’s natural beauties.

Foreign participants of Turkey Summer Science School could not hide their amazement against these views of nature’s wonder. After the theoretical and applied courses in Kayseri Erciyes University, TABIP Summer Science School will bid farewell to its first students following the visits to Grand National Assembly of Turkey in the capital Ankara and a farewell dinner with the participation of other summer schools of Yunus Emre Institute in Istanbul.

Furkan Koca, who had been there on behalf of the Academic and Scientific Cooperation Project of Turkey and was in the team which organized the TABIP Summer Science School, said:

“We gathered 14 successful students from 9 different countries in our country within the science summer school which we held for the first time this year in the aviation field. The enterprises of our country lately and the scientific and technological developments in this field had especially affected the subject of first science summer school to be aviation and defense technologies. Turkey is a country that has already improved and continues to improve its aviation and defense industry a lot. Our biggest objective is to demonstrate our country’s opportunities and capacity to our students who came to Turkey and to introduce our country to them in terms of academic, scientific, cultural and technological fields. We, TABIP aiming to conduct science diplomacy activities and to build academic and scientific bridges between our country and the world, will continue introducing our country’s capacity in these fields to the world with new projects and new programs in line with our country’s goals and vision for the year 2023. Our team’s biggest wish is for TABIP to make all of our participants’ individuals who are producing projects in favor of our country and to transfer science and technology from different countries in the world to Turkey.”