TABIP Lecture Series “Science Diplomacy Talks” Are At The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus!

TABIP Lecture Series “Science Diplomacy Talks” organized within TABIP, under the auspices of Presidency of the Republic of Turkey and conducted by Yunus Emre Institute, and ITU KKTC with the thought that “science diplomacy” concept is not prevalent enough within Turkish academic circles will be held on 25 February at Rauf Raif Denktaş Culture and Convention Centre, Arsinde Hall!

TABIP Lecture Series that aim to provide educational information to students and academicians in the field of diplomacy of science continues in the most prominent universities of Turkey and the world.

The event will start with the introduction of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Özgün Erler Bayır from İstanbul University on “Diplomacy of Science”, and it will continue with the speech titled “Diplomacy of Science Strategies with Case Studies” of Dr. Olga Krasnyak will focus on the “diplomacy of science and diplomatic studies on its application on the foreign policy of a country” in order to give examples on each case.

Charlotte Rungius, who have spent a part of her university life in Ankara and participated in the EU project titled “Diplomacy of Science”, will continue with the “SESAME” example and lastly, Prof. Dr. Semahat Demir, who have been awarded with the “Science Envoy” title by the USA Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2009 to direct the diplomacy of science between USA-Turkey and formed the basis of the Science and Technology Agreement signed between these two countries in 2010 with her “Science and Public Diplomacy” report published in USA and carried out the duty of “science envoy” during the Presidency of Barack Obama, will explain the “The Relation between Public Diplomacy and Science Diplomacy.