“Sultanahmet Break” to The Summit of Aviation

TABIP Science School which is carried out with the participation of 14 students from 9 countries and completed its first stage in İstanbul Technical University Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics continues letting its participants experience Turkey pricelessly!

TABIP Science Summer School which is held for the first time this year within Academic and Scientific Cooperation Project of Turkey conducted by Yunus Emre Institute under the auspices of Republic of Turkey Presidency had a break from trainings and started to explore cultural and historic fabric of İstanbul with the world’s best 14 students from different 9 countries chosen from aviation field.

The team which started its tour with Eminönü respectively visited touristic spots which arouse attention most in the world such as Gülhane, Sultanahmet Mosque, Yerebatan Sarnıcı, Ayasofya museum.

Students who were quite affected by the culture and history of Turkey said:

Tensae Alemayehu (Ethiopia)

“I have heard about the mentioned cooperation projects and the close relationship between Turkey and Ethiopia. TABIP’s hard work is rather important for my country and Turkey. I study at Mekelle University which is one of the best universities in Ethiopia. I am planning to spend at least 1 year of my education life in Turkey. This would be very precious for my country. I would like to thank the Yunus Emre Institute and TABIP once more for this wonderful experience.”

Amir Imran Madzuan (Malesia)

“This has been the most intense and beautiful experience in my life. I am grateful to Yunus Emre Institute and TABIP for this unique opportunity. İstanbul is in first place among the places which I will visit again. I was especially fascinated by the Sultanahmet Mosque. It is wonderful that it had been preserved for this long. Turkey is definitely among the countries which need to be considered in terms of both academic and cultural aspects.”

John Bull (England)

“Firstly, I am shocked. Before I came here, I was thinking “yes, food may be interesting”. Now, I am impressed by this country due to its academic and scientific potential, historic fabric, culture, and food. I would like to thank firstly TABIP which organized this academy and then to İstanbul Technical University for the applied aeronautics experience which they provided. I am waiting for Kayseri, Cappadocia and Ankara stages with great excitement and curiosity.”