Science Diplomacy Talks

Within the context of TABIP Lecture Series, considering that the concept of “science diplomacy” is not widespread in Turkish academic environment, we would like to start the first lecture of “TABIP Lecture Series” with “Science Diplomacy Talks” in close cooperation with reputable universities in İstanbul and Ankara, with the participation of academicians who are specialized of science diplomacy area from Turkey and abroad.

The first “Science Diplomacy Talks” will be held at İstanbul University and Marmara University between the 14th and 15th of October in Istanbul.

Our main goals to organize these talks are to:

  • Provide outstanding educational information for students and academicians from the discipline of science diplomacy,
  • Discover successful investigators who are lifelong learners, who have the potential to contribute the scientific knowledge of the world and many more.

Within the context of the TABIP Lecture Series, “Science Diplomacy Talks” will start with a short presentation of TABIP and the introduction of the “science diplomacy” concept. In this way, the awareness of TABIP will increase and will be known by the students and the academicians.

“The Science Diplomacy Talks” will continue with the participators’ speeches on different applications of science diplomacy with the guidance of a moderator. In this way, TABIP will fulfill its mission of carrying out science diplomacy activities effectively and enable the introduction of this science diplomacy concept to the wide range of students and academicians.

The details of the program which will be held in Istanbul will be announced soon.