Ziya Selçuk

Prof. Dr. Ziya Selçuk

He completed his bachelor’s degree at Ankara University Faculty of Education and his master’s degree in Development Psychology. In 1989, he completed his postgraduate degree at Hacettepe University Psychological Counseling and Guidance. Prof. Dr. Ziya Selçuk who worked at Gazi University assumed the titles of associate professor and professor. The founder and Chair of the Board of Trustees of TED University, Prof. Dr. Ziya Selçuk, has taken place in many private educational institutions and had many achievements in curriculum reform. He headed the Board of Education and Discipline between 2003 and 2008. The new Minister of Education, Prof. Dr. Ziya Selçuk, has many studies on guidance, behavior observation, communication, improvement, learning, and temperament. He is also a Board Member of the Turkey Intelligence Foundation and TÜBİTAK Group Executive Committee Member.