Networking and Experience sharing of the Academic and Scientific Collaboration between TABIP and Mekelle University

Within the context of TABIP, under the auspices of Turkish Presidency, conducted by Yunus Emre Institute, “Networking and Experience sharing of the Academic and Scientific Collaboration between TABIP and Mekelle University” took place in Mekelle University, Ethiopia.

The event was organized by Dr. Mulualem Gebreslassie, Point of Contact Fellow of the Academic and Scientific Cooperation Project of Turkey (TABIP) and staff member of Mekelle University in collaboration with Mr. Macit KOC, MBA, Advisor for University-Industry linkage of Mekelle University, Ms. Grmanesh Gidey, staff member of Mekelle University and Mr. Tensae Alemayehu a student studying mechanical engineering at Mekelle University and both beneficiaries of the TABIP Summer Science Academy.

The main purpose of the event was to introduce the TABIP and to share experiences of the TABIP Summer Science Academy (TSA) to the Mekelle University staff and beyond.  The event has three components that include a presentation about TABIP, Experience sharing from TABIP Summer Science Academy and promoting TABIP through Mekelle University press, social media and Mekelle University’s radio.


Presentation About TABIP and Its Goals:

Dr. Mulualem presented general information about why TABIP is established including its main goals and how everyone can connect with TABIP. The TABIP is about mutual benefits and participants where fully informed about the benefits they can get from the TABIP and how they can help and contribute to the goals of TABIP. The event provided the opportunity for the participants to understand how they can benefit and contribute to the TABIP and were informed on how they can be family of the TABIP including how they can engage in the TABIP Portal and benefit by registering in it.

The staff and student members of Mekelle University (Ms. Grmanesh and Mr.Tensae) who have got the opportunity to participate in the TABIP Summer Science Academy (TSA) have presented all their experiences during their stay in Turkey.

TABIP Science Summer Academy participant Grmanesh Gidey, who was invited for a master degree education to our country by the Rector of Istanbul Technical University Dr. Mehmet Karaca during TSA, emphasized that academic and scientific collaborations can be made between Turkish and African institutions via TABIP.

Followed by the presentations, Mr. Macit Koc has answered the questions regarding Yunus Emre Institute as well as TABIP’s activities in the world and particularly in Subsaharan.

The discussion with the audience was very fruitful and the TABIP team will continue to be engaged in such activities to promote and enhance the relations among countries.

Mekelle University press and radio have participated in the event and all members of the organizing committee have been interviewed by the journalists on the Mekelle University Radio and have provided full information about the TABIP and interviews will be broadcasting on University’s website and radio on the 22nd of Nov 2019.