Why We Have Been Established?

The Academy supports TABIP's organizational capability agenda, is closely aligned to the TABIP’s Global Strategy, and helps build networks across government to foster science diplomacy of innovation and strategic thinking. It helps to deliver the objectives of a number of diplomatic initiatives in TABIP's Strategic Goals.


TABIP Academy;

  • Allows a self-driven, proactive approach to learning
  • Provides continuous career-long investment in skills and capability
  • Enables the sharing of expertise in modern science diplomacy
  • Facilitates the transfer of experience and knowledge.
  • Supporting and communicating all humanity working in the field of science, regardless of domestic and overseas
  • Supporting strengthening science, technology, and educational institutions.
  • To draw attention to scientific studies and science diplomacy on the basis of society and governments, to be the voice of these fields
  • Giving information to the society about conscious and sound use in the field of science and innovation
  • To raise awareness of the skilled workforce in scientific and technological fields
  • To offer opportunities for working abroad in the fields of science and technology
  • To maximize the scientific benefit by including society in scientific studies and developments
  • To ensure the establishment of advanced cooperation between societies in the scientific field


To educate, inform and advise undergraduate and graduate students from all over the world who are interested in natural and applied sciences and would like to get a practical insight into the working areas about science and its benefits by lectures, workshops and educational programs and to create a better world.

TABIP Academy Experience

A unique experience of learning and practicing.

TABIP Academy offers you a unique experience of learning and practicing by the help of our lecturers, you will rapidly involve the subject and start to discover a totally new point of view. This is our main objective!

Science diplomacy is the use of scientific collaborations among nations to address common problems and to build constructive international partnerships. By learning and practicing science diplomacy you can easily find collaborators all around the world about your projects and start to get in touch with those people. Discuss your ideas and involve international projects. As TABIP Academy we would like to inform you about these and encourage you to think outside the box.

We want you to join this splendid experience because “We Are All Geniuses and the World Needs Our Collaboration! Join TABIP Network Now and Start Changing the World!”