Academic and Scientific Cooperation Project of Turkey

“We are the bridge between science and those who rely on it”

What is TABIP?

Academic and Scientific Cooperation Project of Turkey (TABIP) is a project realized by Yunus Emre Institutes hosted under the auspices of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey and aims at enhancing Turkey’s international recognition in the academic field, introducing academic activities of Turkey and promoting academic and scientific cooperations.

Furthermore, the project also aims to provide positive contributions to perception of Turkey on global platform, to contribute to Turkey’s development goals by benefiting from Yunus Emre Institute’s current global accumulation, physical facilities and human resources strength and make these available to Turkish real sector, to announce scientific developments and studies in Turkey to the world, to ensure active participation of Turkish academic circles to the international decision-making processes, to make academic and scientific studies of Turkey available for foreign academicians and scientists.

What are the aims of TABIP?

  • Fostering Turkey’s academic and scientific capacity to introduce to the world,
  • Establishing academic and scientific collaborations and conducting scientific diplomacy activities,
  • Carrying out activities to support academics and scientists in Turkey
  • Benefiting from knowledge of Turkish students abroad and foreign academics and scientists to provide benefits to Turkey,
  • To support innovative academic and scientific project initiatives,
  • Supporting academic and scientific studies to contribute to the real sector in Turkey aims of these studies and more.